Cellaris Honeycomb Shades

Cellaris™ Honeycomb Shade collection is one of the industry's most fashionable and comprehensive programs.

Available in light filtering and room darkening fabrics come in a rainbow of colours ranging from soft neutrals to rich earth tones.

Green Assured & Energy Smart as their unique configuration traps air in between their cells acting as an insulators that helps control the temperature during winter or summer. Occasional vacuuming is all that is needed to keep them looking like new for years.

All Cellaris™ Honeycomb Shades are made cordless and are therefore safer for households with children and/or pets. Our patented Mmechanism offers self-leveling, easy to operate shades in a variety of options to best suit the desired application & décor.

Available Shade Type:

       Bottom Up                       Day & Night       

W:Min=14",Max=84",Max H:72"                  W:Min=18",Max=84",Max H:72"

Also available as motorized.


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